Success of your dream business is vital, let's together catalyze your way to success
M.P. Shanavas(Shan) built two of his own companies to multi-million enterprises in their first year operations , He has also gained acclaim as a Business Consultant, Renowned Trainer and Speaker, Marketing Expert and Deal Maker .

Shan extended his consulting services to many companies across the world in various segment such as Branding Strategy , Business Development, Corporate Events, Crisis Management, Digital Marketing, Funding and Finding investors,Franchising , management Training, HR recruitment, Employee Orientation Programs, Public speaking workshops and training programs, Representing companies as a keynote speaker, addressing press and media etc

Consulting & Mentoring

Discover cutting edge methods and processes that can make the difference that make the difference between success and mediocrity.

Digital Strategies

We believe in the power of the internet and technologies and the influence it has on our daily lives, we will help to sky rocket the ROI of your marketing campaign

Funding & Investments

If you feel you need a helping hand for catalyzing your venture or your startup up with financial resources. I can direct the you to the right way.

Merger & Acquisition

The right connections can help you add real value to every investment opportunity. Our experts deliver investment outcomes built on industry-leading insights and research.

Franchising & Expansions

If you are looking for a fast, proven and exciting way to expand and develop your business nationally or internationally.

Sales & Marketing

The right Marketing techniques can help your sales plan and help product reach the masses. Our experience includes training and supporting B2C clients achieve this goal.

Workshops & Trainings

I would be delighted to consider speaking or training at your next event, company sales meeting or marketing gathering.

Events & Expo

I can guide you to successfully conduct events both in a professional outlook but intricate with vibrance and dynamism.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence solves problems and accelerates innovation, i can guide you to find the right way to automate your business process.

Blockchain Technology

The mere security properties of blockchain provide technical means to catalyze societal evolution, but is Blockchain right for you?

Crypto Currency

How we trade has been dynamically changing through out the ages, and to be on the forefront of the change is essential, we can help you choose the right crypto currency for your business portfolio.

Internet of Things

Should IoT be confined to home use only?? IoT can have a huge impact on a workplace, if done right it can affect certain industry the right way.

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